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Photokore Submission Standards & Guidelines Sep 21, 2011


When registering on our site, all contributors must provide true and
legal information to activate their account, including:
- Real first and last name
- Current mailing address (NO PO BOXES)
- Photo or scan of a current driver's license or passport
  (If you prefer, you can black-out the identification number on the photo ID.)

If we find out someone used a ‘fake identity’ to register with our site, they will be banned from our site forever.

2a. IMAGE REQUIREMENTS (Photographs & Raster Illustrations)

All images submitted to us must meet the following minimum requirements:
- 6 megapixels or larger, (pixel width x pixel height = 6MP)
NOTE: Images may NEVER be resized larger ‘(up-sampled’ or "rezzed up") to meet minimum file size
          (i.e. do NOT make the image larger by using Photoshop).

NOTE: If your camera is under 6 megapixels, it does not meet minimum requirements
          and you will need to upgrade your camera equipment in order to upload to our site.

- Preferred resolution of 300 ppi

2b. Quality Standards

We reserve the right to reject submissions for any of the following reasons, at our own discretion by our inspectors: poor composition, poor focus, poor lighting, excessive noise, grain & color distortion, compression artifacting, over filtering, dust & debris in scans, up-sampling, adult content unsuitable for stock, profane or violent images.

2c. Royalty-Free

ONLY images cleared for trademark and/or copyright and/or have a release for all logos, people and private property, reviewed and accepted by our Inspectors, may be sold as Royalty-Free Stock on our site.

2d. Model Releases

- All images containing recognizable people require a model release.
- If the photograph is of a minor (a child under the age of 18), a model release must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.
- If the photo is of the photographer (a self portrait), a model release is still required.
- A model release must be attached per file.
- A valid witness signature must appear on the model release. It must be someone other than the photographer.

Note: Photokore does not accept digitally created or digitally signed model releases (this includes using script fonts as signatures, e-signatures and scanning signatures and then pasting into the model release).

2f. Property Release

- The requirement for a property release isn't as clear-cut as for a model release, because there is no specific right of privacy that attaches to property, as it does to people. Having said that, there are at least two reasons for obtaining property releases: (i) on the theory that a person's identity might be connected to the property in question (such as where a person's property is used in a manner that might defame the person as owner); and (ii) on the basis that to use someone's property for commercial gain without their consent may amount to an offense called "conversion". Also, if you go on someone's private property to take a picture of them or their property, it could amount to trespass.

- Photokore recommends that a Property Release be obtained when the image contains identifiable property wherever possible (this isn't just for houses, it could apply to pets, cars and other personal property. The more recognizable and unique the property (and the more the owner's identity might be connected to or determined from the property) the greater the need for a property release. - The Property Release needs to signed by the legal and beneficial owner(s) of the property or their authorized agent. Many of the same formalities apply as for Model Releases.


All vector submissions to Photokore must include at least two files that meet the following guidelines (the inclusion of one high resolution JPEG file is mandatory):

1a. One EPS (.eps / Encapsulated PostScript) file
- Created in AI 8.0 or higher.


1b. One AI (.ai / Adobe Illustrator) original source file
- Created in Version 8.0. or higher
- Complete (closed) paths.
- Organized layers.

2. One high resolution JPEG file
- Larger than 2,816 x 2,112 pixels (at least 72 ppi, but ideally 300ppi)


* All files should be zipped with the same file name (e.g. ‘’ containing ‘abc.eps’ and/or ‘’, and ‘abc.jpg’).
** Additional files types are NOT required, but can be included for the benefit of the buyer.

3c. Legal Standards
All illustrations uploaded to Photokore MUST be original artwork, based solely on content you own the copyright to. Any illustrations container real recognizable people or private/rights protected property must include a release, following the same guidelines as photographs. Uploading any of the following are prohibited, and if deemed as abuse may result in banned uploader privileges:

  • Illustrations traced or derived from images you do not own the copyright to (such as images found on the Internet, images scanned from books or magazines, other artists’ work, etc)
  • Illustrations containing recognizable faces or property without a signed release
  • Illustrations containing embedded copyright notices, personal signatures or watermarks
  • Illustrations containing copyrighted/trademarked/patented products
  • Maps and globes traced from copyrighted sources
  • Illustrations containing logos and trademarks
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